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Build Your Momentum.

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A simple system for improving your:

Motivation & Habits

Grit & Persistence

Health & Fitness

"...most [apps] only offer personal satisfaction as a reward. RioFolio, on the other hand, lets you earn points for your own reward system."

Track Wins, Big or Small.

Reading what you've done can give you some motivational push.

There are no stressful deadlines or strict scheduling, you just do you.

Treat Yourself.

Use Credits to redeem Rewards such as coffee, or something expensive like buying a new phone.

Easy to Review.

Entries are kept in Journals that are searchable.

Alternatively, you can use Momentum view to browse by date.

On the Go.

RioFolio works on your computer and mobile devices (needs modern browser and internet).

On mobile, simply Add to Homescreen to install.

Share Wins.

Invite others to your Journal to share Entries with each other.

There is no competition, just simple bulletins to give you a little push.

Do you want to learn more?

It's easier to just start, but you can read how it works.