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Entries & Credits

Adding Entries earns you Credits.

Entries should be short. After adding an Entry, press Edit for additional notes.

Credits range from a value of 15 to 400 per Entry. More on that later.

Typing every single time is a hassle - consider Entry Shortcuts.

Shortcuts should be short, general and repeatable, eg "Washed dishes".

To add a new Shortcut, add a Custom Entry then click Add Shortcut in the dashboard.

There is no maximum number, but keep them at 4-12 for usability.

Group Entries by Journals.

Adding an Entry that fits a new Journal? Simply click the gold New Journal button.

Don't worry, RioFolio provides editable templates for Journals complete with Shortcuts, called Journal Recipes.

Some Entries are small wins, some are big wins. Hence Credit Tiers.

There are 5 Credit Tiers:

  • Small: 15-30 credits.
  • Medium: 40-70 credits.
  • Large: 80-100 credits.
  • Achievement: 100-200 credits.
  • Milestone: 200-400 credits.

Keep your Credits above certain amounts, you will get Dividends.

Try to keep your current Credits above 1K - you will get additional Credits.

Depending on the amount of Credits you have when adding Entries, you will get an additional 10% to 55% of the Entry Credits.